I’ve never heard of a “voidwitch” before, but you have my attention.

Corey J. White’s novella, Killing Gravity, may not win any prizes for consistent internal logic or seamless pacing, but it does have voidwitches, which are basically River Song on steroids. And, let me tell you, I am so into that. Like, ten thousand percent into that. (TBF the cover blurb does say that fans of Firefly will enjoy this. I–for the most part–do enjoy Firefly and I didn’t hate this.)

Sure, I don’t understand why the big bad company only tried to use it’s subliminal programming lines once or twice on Mariam Xi. Sure, I definitely don’t get all the science and am pretty sure you can’t actually throw giant-ass spaceships around with your mind without some sort of external space issues (migraines and nose bleeds aside). But goddamn if this wasn’t a lot of action and fun packed into 176 pages, with a female protagonist struggling to keep her shit together.



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